Nathan Hanson & Doan Roessler

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Everybody is identical in their secret unspoken belief that
way deep down they are different from everyone else


Nathan Hanson and Doan Roessler have been musical partners for more than twenty years. In that time they have developed a unique musical sympathy and symbiosis. As a duo they create music that is at turns lyrical, bombastic, and ethereally expansive – accessible while challenging. The duo recordings of Hanson and Roessler have been featured in film, television and radio.


In addition to their duo work they have performed with many different individuals and ensembles including Didier Petit, Pablo Cueco, Mirtha Pozzi, Jean-Brice Godet, Claude Parle, Paul Metzger, Donald Washington, Douglas Ewart, Erik Fratzke, Carei Thomas, Pete Hennig, Alden Ikeda, Peter Leggett, and Fantastic Merlins.

Nathan and Doan have performed extensively in the United States and France. Notable venues include Sons d’Hiver (Paris), L’Ermitage (Paris), Atelier Tampon (Paris), Angora (Paris), La Passerelle (St. Brieuc), Atlantique Jazz Festival (Brest), Pannonica (Nantes), Ajmi (Avignon), The Outpost (Albuquerque), Hungry Brain (Chicago), Mexicains Sans Frontieres (Grand Rapids), Icehouse (Minneapolis), Minnesota Sur Seine (St. Paul), and the Record Bar (Kansas City). Together they also curated the Community Pool: Deep End concert series for many years at their longtime musical home in St. Paul, MN, the Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar.