Nathan Hanson & Doan Roessler

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by Wiwex Quartet

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Pablo Cueco zarb, percussion
Nathan Hanson saxophones
Mirtha Pozzi percussion
Doan Roessler bass


Here's a quartet that is resolutely outside the box. They offer a poetic and wild music that takes you far and wide. Do not miss their concerts because they are rare, the four band members separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Hence the name of their beautiful record, Equidistant (Socadisc, 2012). The rhythm is the heart of this music in which we find two percussionists. Pablo Cueco is a Zarb specialist, the more delicate drum, a magical instrument capable of evoking the rumble of thunder, the delicate lines of the wind in the leaves, and also ghostly footsteps. Mirtha Pozzi plays the congas, and a whole arsenal of percussion returned from her travels in Latin America, as she distributes spice. The percussion duo interacts with the subtle saxophone (tenor or soprano) of Nathan Hanson. As for Doan Roessler, bass, he is not only the link and binder of all these musicians, he contributes to the intensity of the music. This tightrope music leaves room for improvisation. It's passionate, violent, fragile, poetic. In short, superb.

~ JF Mondot, journalist for Jazz Magazine